UniTrust Global Limited is a licensed trust company upholding high-level statutory duty of care imposed under Trustee Ordinance (Cap 29) Section 3(A)

The Law of Trust was originated from the United Kingdom. It was first developed by the Courts of Chancery in the 12th century. From then, a body of precedents has been established. Other than the statutory duty of care imposed by the ordinance, UniTrust Global Limited is also subject to the common law duty of care which comes from the aforesaid body of precedent. UniTrust Global Limited not only matches the local statutory standard but also the ever changing common law standard.

UniTrust Global Limited placed a substantial deposit in the Government’s Department of Accounting Services as part of our Trustee License requirement under Part 8 Section 77(2) of the Ordinance. UniTrust Global Limited takes responsibilities very seriously as in addition to statutory requirements, it also have professional indemnity insurance for your peace of mind.

UniTrust Global Limited strictly follows legislations and guidelines below: