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Your prestigious black card enables you to:

Enjoy spending with high level of privacy
Withdraw cash globally at any time and utilize Trust assets to its full potential
Enjoy exclusive cross-border secretarial services for daily needs

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Your FinTech Trust Wealth Management Account offers:

High Level of Privacy
Strong Asset Protection
Fully Legal & Compliance Arrangement
Low Maintenance Fees
Asset Offshoring Capability
Freedom & Borderless Investment

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Asia’s pioneer on a FinTech Trust Wealth Management Platform

Safeguard, grow and spend your assets
Deposit, invest, and spend with unprecedented flexibility
Manage and monitor your asset portfolio 24/7
Highest privacy on all your transactions

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UniTrust Global Limited is a global connected and FinTech-driven licensed trust company. We provide a full suite of trust services.

(license no. TC007054)


Our Solutions

Services tailored to you

Trust & Custody Solutions
Whether your objective is for wealth and succession planning, tax planning, offshore planning, family office or simply greater discretion, our team can advise on the best trust structure and jurisdiction to cater for your needs and optimize asset protection arrangements. Our core obligations are to safeguard and manage assets under a formal trust structure or through a regulated custodian in order to be in full compliance with legal requirements.
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Trust & Custody Solutions
Financial Solutions
Our financial solution enables you to take control of your assets privately and securely. At UniTrust Global, we connect different world-class financial institutions to provide you access to a broad range of products such as securities, insurance and commodities. Our platform also allows you to manage your offshore investments. We also offer you a credit card secured by your assets, allowing you to create accessible and immediate liquidity.
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Financial Solutions
Business Solutions
UniTrust Global is a perfect fit for organizations looking to maximize their financial assets while simplifying their management and regulatory back-office processes. We provide a full-service fiduciary approach and offshore facilities to achieve your organization’s goals. Leveraging our robust technology, compliance, operations and payments infrastructure, we deliver a suite of services that include global payments, offshore companies registry, working capital, tax solutions and risk management.
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Business Solutions

The Platform

FinTech Trust  Platform

The best-in-class proprietary FinTech Trust Platform manages all your assets and your everyday needs. Now at your fingertips, you can view and initiate instructions from your trust account.