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Trust & custody

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Pursuant to the Recognition of Trusts Ordinance (Cap 76), Article 2 of the Schedule, the term “trust” refers to the legal relationship created-inter vivos or on death-by a person, the settlor, when assets have been placed under the control of a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary or for a specified purpose.

From the application of common law and equitable principles, the legal title of assets vested under a trust (subject to certain timeline constraints) will no longer be in the name of the original contributor but be transferred to the trustee. Hence, personal creditors of the settlor or claimants under matrimonial, family feudal or other civil litigation will not have recourse to such assets under the trust.

Whether your objective is for wealth and succession planning, tax benefits, asset accumulation, family office or simply greater discretion, our team can advise on the best trust structure to cater for your needs. Our team of experts also specializes in advising our customers on the most friendly and appropriate jurisdiction, optimizing asset protection arrangements.

Our core obligation is to protect and manage assets under a proper and valid trust structure. Further, we also regard the prevention of money laundering to be of utmost importance. As a regulated entity, our professional team of subject matter experts, based on your objectives, will advise you on:
A proper trust structure to achieve your goals
Multi-Jurisdiction considerations and compliance needs, including the setting up of offshore companies
Legal, tax, accounting and reporting
Asset protection and optimization options
Succession planning
Bespoke Trust services that maintain a high level of anonymity and discretion
When partnering with us, you can be assured that all your instructions are executed through a fully compliant and secure payments platform that is recognized by financial regulators around the world. Led by financial services experts and veteran banking technologists, customers can make use of our proprietary platform that delivers an infrastructure trust and custody solutions for individuals, corporates, banks, financial institutions, asset managers, and exchanges to operate and execute your instructions safely, securely and efficiently. Our solution reduces the cost of doing business, mitigates compliance and regulatory risk and allows our customers to manage their assets with total peace of mind.

We aim to enlighten the public on the vast benefits of setting up a custodian trust account. That’s why our account opening requirements are so customer friendly. Contact us today and see the difference yourself!

What We Offer

Global Private Trust Services
Learn more about Trust
A Trust is a legal arrangement whereby one party (Settlor) transfers his assets and its legal title to another party (Trustee) to hold and administer for the Settlor himself and/or other parties’ (Beneficiaries) benefit. As a licensed and insured Trust company, UniTrust Global Limited brings extensive experience to bear when managing trusts, as well as a contractual obligation, to put the best interests of the trust beneficiaries first. Based on the settlor’s instructions and objectives, this obligation involves managing the trust to protect and grow its assets and to use those assets solely for the beneficiaries’ benefit.

To put simply, trusts can be categorized according to two main characteristics: (1) whether it is revocable and (2) whether it was created while the settlor was alive. Each trust is therefore either revocable or irrevocable and either “living” or “testamentary.” The settlor can change a revocable trust but not an irrevocable one. A living trust is thus created by the Settlor while still alive. Otherwise, it is a testamentary trust created by provisions in the Settlor’s Will and only activate after the Settlor has died.
We provide to our customers a Comprehensive Global Private Trust Solution. Our services include:
Flexible wealth management tool and advice for:
• Wealth protection - effectively isolate assets from Settlor's creditors and provide strong protection from claim to avoid or mitigate the effects of taxation, divorce and bankruptcy on the beneficiary

• Wealth inheritance - flexible long-term planning for effective inheritance to avoid probate

• Family governance – develop the core family value and draft a ‘handbook’ (constitution) under a tailored trust structure to fit every family members’ needs

• Tax planning - implement reasonable tax minimalization arrangement to effectively mitigate the overall tax liability of the family assets
Trust administration
We will take care of your needs in administering your Trust where the beneficiaries’ interest always comes first.
By appointing us as the professional executor of your Will, we will ensure your loved ones are relieved from the burden of handling the probate procedure. With our specialized services, your estate will be administered with minimal delay. Our services include:
• Collecting, valuing and taking possession of all assets
• Executing appropriate purchases and sales
• Settling debts and paying claims
• Preparing tax returns and detailed final accounting
• Distributing and closing the estate
Escrow services
We facilitate business transactions including acquisitions, mergers, sales and purchase agreements, private placements and debt securities issues. UniTrust Global Limited can act as an Escrow Agent to hold assets in custody pending release upon the counter-party’s fulfilment of obligations.
Proof of wealth
A wealth proof may be necessary for business or personal use.  We are able to provide the following proof depends on the needs:

• Proof of account balance
• Proof of customer account/service information
• Proof of unconventional information
• Monthly statement of trust account for asset proof
Investment Optimization
Are your investment opportunities limited to listed equites, real estate and retail bonds? Most consumers have their investment opportunities hindered by residency, resources, knowledge and accessibility constraints.

UniTrust Global Limited is not an investment advisor, but we can certainly open doors and break down barriers for our customers. Working with our team of seasoned professionals and partners, we can introduce our customers to global opportunities, subject to respective jurisdiction’s authorized investment limitations, to direct invest in hedge funds, private equity and listed and unlisted products in multi-jurisdictions. Depending upon the specifics of the trust setup, customers can either manage the money held under trust themselves, outsource the investment of the money in the trust to a registered investment advisor or even form Investment Committees whereby trust members are involved in overall portfolio strategy and allocation decisions.

Whether your investment objectives are embracing social impact, engaging the next big thing or simply searching for above average return or decreasing risk through diversification, we will help you rethink traditional investment models through leveraging our entrepreneurial background.
Our network of contacts will offer customers access into private placements or direct investment opportunities and our subject matter experts and renowned partners will do the heavy lifting such as:
Sourcing investment opportunities
Valuation of investment
Cash flow projections
Benchmarking to industry dynamics
Performing Due Diligence
Structuring the deal with downside projection
Provision of professional human capital resources
Succession Planning
Passing on significant wealth and legacy to future generations is a critical part of any family’s financial strategy. To ensure a smooth transfer of your financial estate, you need dedicated succession planning services to help you protect your assets while preserving financial confidentiality to ensure.

We make it our business to protect, preserve and plan for our customers’ personal and family wealth. With a depth of knowledge across many professional disciplines, our team can provide a seamless and holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities of succession planning. Our team and network of advisers will provide you with the legal, accounting and tax advice that our customers deserve. We will also work with any advisors which you prefer.

Our partnership service model is built on long-term personal relationships that are founded on a deep understanding of what truly matters to you both now and in the future. We understand and will delicately cater for unique family sensitivities when dealing with the second and third generations of our customer families.
Our solution includes:
Structuring, advising and assistance on planning
Actual administration of structures
Formulating letters of wishes
Services for family business
Transaction support and implementation
Perpetual support to your future generation and their education
Family Office Services
UniTrust Global Limited offers bespoke, professional and discrete services specifically for our Private Customers. Our global experienced team of professionals and network of quality partners will work tirelessly to strengthen ultra-high net worth families’ ability to successfully preserve, grow, and transfer their legacy across generations and market economic cycles.

Our services are suited to customers who currently engage leading financial institutions to provide their wealth management and investment advisory services. Our independent and private wealth expertise eliminate any friction or conflict of interest, reliance and high cost associated with having those institutions also manage your administrative affairs and investment options.

We will act as a seamless extension to your own team. Our highly qualified professionals and specialists understand the challenges of private wealth, family dynamics, values and legacy. Our quality service and network empower us to address complex issues whilst providing insight and solutions to the challenges Private Customers face today.
By delivering impartial advice in the areas of governance, succession, investment, reporting and financial solution based on the family’s long-term needs and plans, we partner with our clients to address important challenges including:
Ensuring your family's long-term success
We advise on policies and plans to ensure a smooth transition and distribution of wealth and businesses to maintain family harmony.
Building the right structures
We assist you in the designing, building and optimization of the family office architecture by providing the appropriate investment and transaction platform to elevate your family business' wealth dynamic.
Wealth management
As a licensed Trustee, we will manage your family's investments in line with your objectives and wishes. We provide guidance in developing policies, strategies, processes, and committees. To serve you better, our vast network of esteemed partners will offer you with investment opportunities across different asset classes and jurisdictions.

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Financial solutions

We are steely determined to deliver our customers the best trustee services. Yet, we will not allow ourselves to rest as we reimagine life today and set out a mission to put the tools people need to manage their money and assets in the palm of their own hand.

Using innovative technologies to redefine the trust industry and a one-stop secure platform, our financial solution enables users to take control of their assets, confidentially and securely. At UniTrust Global Limited, we connect payment and investment services to your everyday life, so you can think beyond your traditional bank accounts and regular investment channels.

That is why we have built a best-in-class proprietary FinTech Trust Wealth Management Platform to manage your everyday needs. We believe in prevention, protection and action. Now at your fingertips, you can view and initiate instructions from your trust account.

What We Offer

Asset Link Credit Card
Explore Now
Introducing the UniTrust Asset Link Credit Card, an unique product allowing full-asset autonomy through creative uses of financial tools and technology. Our Asset Link Mastercard credit card offers you unique features of limitless liquidity and high anonymity via the setup of a licensed and regulated trust account. Simply, you will get a UniTrust Asset Link credit card when you open a trust account with us. You can even apply for additional cards for your children, family or significant others.

The UniTrust Asset Link Credit Card is secured by your trust assets, allowing clients to create accessible liquidity from their assets. The card is supported by our FinTech Trust Wealth Management Platform, which offers seamless access and real-time valuations of your trust assets. Should you need to make use of the credit facility, our secured credit card has the lowest credit card interest rate in town.
Features and Benefits of our Trust Account
Withdraw cash at any time and use trust assets flexibly
Withdraw cash from any ATM with a Mastercard logo and spend at any of the 55 million Mastercard-accepted merchants that accepts Mastercard located in 210 countries around the world.
Spending with high level of privacy
The trust is protected by the Trust Law and the Personal Data Ordinance, and the Trustee will never take the initiative to provide information to any party unless it involves any criminal act.
No Interest
If you enable the "automatic repayment" function in your trust account, we will deduct money from your current assets on a daily basis, therefore no interest will be accrued.
No repayment cycle
Your card comes with no monthly billing cycle and no minimum repayment. Keeping full control of when you use your card and when to repay.
How it works
Create a trust account online
The credit card will be sent to you within a few working days
Inject assets to increase the credit limit
Enjoy global spending and cash withdrawal
Repay the card directly on the trust platform
Open your trust account with us today and start enjoying the benefits of our Asset Link Credit Card. You might even be eligible for our sleek metal card!

*If the credit card balance cannot be directly deducted from specific trust assets, daily interest will be incurred at 0.05%-0.25%. If the credit card has not been used for minimum required times, an annual fee will be incurred from HKD 800 to 2300  (depending on the card level). Credit card transaction settlement only accepts HKD settlement. Credit cards are approved based on customers' fixed assets and credit history.

Asset Mobility
In addition to delivering our role as trustee with expertise and professionalism, our core capabilities to manage your assets and execute your instructions is also of real importance to us.

That is why, we believe when customers are executing instructions, they deserve transparency, clarity and options. Our industry leading platform was designed to deliver just that.
Our financial solution allows customers to:
Execute and view funds movement
Execute an instruction in the portal and know exactly what’s coming in and out of your trust account with instant payment notifications and real-time account balance. We only work with reputable financial institutions and money service operators.
Perform multi-jurisdiction asset allocation and transfers
From a simple banking account to exotic assets, we can offer offshoring of assets to minimize asset being frozen and other tax implications.
Access multiple investment options
Instructions to invest or switch between multiple investment asset accounts can be initiated and completed by clients via our portal. For more information, please refer details under Investment Execution.
Make valid payments
Provided requests are made in accordance with the Trust Deed, customers can execute payment instructions such as bill payment and living expenses payment.
Investment Execution
In a world where asset volatility has become the new norm, managing one’s investments can prove painstaking and tricky. Our professional team, specialist in key international jurisdictions and selective, established or regulated our partnership with financial institutions can drive you towards the investment opportunities best fitting your requirements, risk tolerance, performance goals and investment preferences.

We understand that your finances have become more complex as your net worth has increased. You need a different level of resources to manage your wealth and achieve your goals. By partnering with UniTrust Global, you will have access to a broad range of investment solutions, from the most standard to the most sophisticated.
Our products and solutions cover broad asset classes and investment themes including:
Foreign currency exchange
Multi-jurisdiction savings facilities
Insurance products and policies
Our proprietary platform allows you to execute order whenever you need to, making asset allocation decisions truly borderless and 24/7. Access to other markets and assets can be customized upon customer request.

Solutions 03

Business solutions

As a business owner, you would rightly focus on running your business. However, as your business grows, there are important things for you to consider:
Who would take over if something happened to you? Do you have a succession plan?
Have you established the appropriate corporate structure to minimize taxation and maximize return on assets?
How can you provide benefits to your precious employees?
While these questions may not seem important today, having a succession plan can make running your business much easier in the future and ensure its long-term success.

At UniTrust Global, we can offer a broad range of tailored services that are perfect to your needs. We understand it is not easy running a business, and that is why we are here to help.

UniTrust Global Limited is a perfect fit for organizations looking to maximize their financial assets while simplifying their management and regulatory back-office processes. We provide a full-service fiduciary approach to financial and asset management with a proactive team that takes the time to understand all of your organization’s goals.

We serve the needs of companies and financial institutions, helping them to set up and manage structures, enter new markets and navigate an increasingly complex international regulatory environment.

Leveraging our robust technology, compliance, operations and payments infrastructure, UniTrust Global Limited delivers a suite of services that includes cross-border payments, working capital, tax solutions and risk management.

What We Offer

Business Services
As the regulatory landscape evolves and new opportunities emerge, it is important to have a team with the necessary experience and platforms in place to ensure that you make the most of these opportunities, helping you to focus on what matters the most.

UniTrust Global Limited offers a comprehensive range of business services which help our customers to enter new markets and navigate an increasingly complex international regulatory environment covering all stages of the entity life cycle.

Our clients span a wide variety of sectors and financial institutions - all secure in the knowledge that they are working with a recognized industry specialist, with in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and reporting environments as well as market-leading technology platforms.

So, while our clients focus on their core activities, our dedicated team of experts will take care of the day-to-day governance and administration required to keep our clients’ corporation running smoothly.
The companies we administer for our clients are used for many purposes: significant business for trading, asset management, investment product offerings, property investment, asset-based lending or something as simple as holding customized license plates.

We will invest the time to get to know you and develop a long-term relationship with you enabling us to deliver a plan that is customized to your unique situation. Our broad services include:
Corporate formation and administration services
Registered office services
Preparing annual financial statements
Preparing the statutory annual return
Tax compliance and planning, including CRS friendly setup
Relocation service for business and office
Business succession planning
Selling your business
Accounting services
• Issuance of Wealth Proof/ Trust Reference Letter
• Preparing financial statements for audit & tax purposes
• CPA certified true copy service
Capital Market Services
We offer a range of customized services to facilitate capital markets transactions, from company setup and administration to a comprehensive suite of agency and trust related services.

We have extensive experience of incorporating and administering a wide variety of corporate vehicles including limited liability partnerships, companies in multi-jurisdiction and private trust companies. Where customer’s needs are more complex, we will work in conjunction with you in the development of Special Purpose Vehicles and other more technically and purpose-built corporate structures.
Our unique business model and the proprietary digital platform smoothen the onboarding and KYC review process and provide clients with asset and payment management functions via our own bank and top-notch service providers.

Specifically, we also provide the following services:
SPV incorporation, domiciliation, management and directorships
SPV administration
Global escrow and custody services
Cash management expertise
Payments facilitation and monitoring
Security, note, bond and share trustee services
Global Compliance Solutions
We understand a strong business focus must be complemented by a timely and effective compliance function.

Through our global platform of compliance services, we can support customers to operate and meet their regulatory obligations across the international world of commerce. We provide a single-source solution that provides advisory from the initial regulatory licensing process, customer onboarding requirements through to ongoing compliance support.
Our experts will provide the review and insights, sharing the burden of your business and allowing you to focus on its growth. Our services include:
Regulatory business plan development
Recommend and review applicable regulatory permissions and framework to support the proposed business activities
Compliance policies & procedures
Customer/Investor Due Diligence & Know your Customer (KYC) solutions and advisory
Know Your Business Partner (KYB)
Transaction monitoring advisory
Risk monitoring framework and review
Investment governance
Legal advisory
FATCA compliance
Tax compliance
AML, CTF, Financial crime training