UniTrust Global Limited is a global private trust services specialist and FinTech-driven licensed trust company. (license no. TC007054)

A company with
and vision

As a member of the Hong Kong Trustees' Association and global private trust specialist headquartered in Hong Kong and led by an experienced team of experts across the trust industry, financial services, and payment industries. We utilize cutting edge, yet high legal compliance proprietary technology to provide customer-first services and solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering bank-grade financial asset protection and highly customizable solutions, allowing our customers to live life to its fullest with confidence that all interactions and arrangements conducted with us are safe, discreet, professional and optimized for the customer’s benefits.

Our Mission

Expertise based on experience

Using the professionalism and truly innovative technologies to redefine the trust services, enabling our customers to optimize the arrangement of their assets privately and securely.

Our Values

Guiding principles


We are never satisfied with the current and continue to strive to be the best. We are always humble in learning so that our customers can get the finest solution.


Trust is fundamental to our success. We believe your trust should be earned as a privilege, not a right.


Doing it Right
Trust regulation is built on the foundation of the common-law. Having uncompromising integrity and strong moral principles ensures that we are ethical and transparent in everything we do. We have the courage to do what is right.


Delivering Value
We recognize the importance of investment in our business, technologies and our people. A strong foundation allows us to drive value through collaboration and openness.

Our Compliance

Complies with all legal and regulatory obligations

In accordance with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (AMLO), Chapter 615 under the Laws of Hong Kong, UniTrust Global Limited has the duty to follow the Customer Due Diligence procedures required in the AML Guideline issued by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong. UniTrust conducts Customer Due Diligence and Know-Your-Customer processes in-house and retains all customers’ records as per regulatory requirements.

Under Schedule 2 to the AMLO, UniTrust, as a TCSP licensed company, ensures
Audit trail for funds movement in transactions is clear and complete
Customer and customer’s beneficial owner can be properly identified and verified
All customer / transaction records and information are available on a timely basis to the Registrar of Companies, other authorities and auditors
Requirements specified in the “Guideline on Compliance of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Requirements for Trust or Company Service Providers” and other requirements imposed by the Registrar are complied with
UniTrust is also subject to and supervised for compliance with AML/CFT requirements consistent with the standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and strictly follow the List of FATF High-risk, non-cooperative jurisdictions and other monitored jurisdictions, United Nations and OFAC sanctioned countries.

UniTrust complies with legal and regulatory obligations and takes a risk-based approach by obtaining information and assessing how the client has acquired the wealth. In some circumstances, we will ask for documentary evidence to support the source of wealth description.

Moreover, UniTrust follows the following international guidelines:
Drug Trafficking (Recovery of Proceeds) Ordinance, Cap. 405 (“DTROP”)
Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance, Cap. 455 (“OSCO”)
United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Ordinance, Cap. 575 (“UNATMO”)
United Nations Sanctions Ordinance, Cap. 537 (“UNSO”)
Weapons of Mass Destruction (Control of Provision of Services) Ordinance, Cap. 526 (“WMD(CPS)O”)

Our Team

The people behind the vision

We believe in having the right people in the right positions to leverage the diverse skillsets necessary to navigate the ever-changing global regulatory landscape.

Our mix of dedicated and seasoned professionals have decades of experience in asset management, accounting, trust, compliance, technology companies and major international financial institutions. With quality people, we provide stable and accomplished teams across multi jurisdictions, enabling us to offer our customers the benefits of their experience and professionalism. We promote a culture of leading by example. By inspiring and empowering our people to reach their full potential, the best possible service will ensue.

We are supported by a team of over 100 professional staff and are committed to deliver top notch solutions to our customers.

Our registered capital is now close to ten million US dollars. Every dollar spent goes for enhancing our trust services and our FinTech Trust Wealth Management Platform for our customers.